Best Website Builder 2021

Building a professional website today doesn’t take much time, effort, and money. Many website builders make it easy for newbies to get acquainted and create a website depending on their specific needs.

However, a problem arises: Where is the right website builders for you.

In Website Builder Reviews, we will give you some information about 9 website builders today and the customer service and pricing of these platforms


Wix is a famous cloud-based website builder. With a robust collection of features to create your website quickly, Wix is very easy to use. I personally recommend this for new bloggers.


· Free hosting and other apps

· Hundreds of templates available for you to design

· Easy to edit

· Beginner-friendly


· Limited storage and bandwidth (with free plan)

· Free and Connect Domain plans will show Wix’s ads on your website

· It is difficult to move website from Wix

· With the Connect Domain plan, you can only connect custom domains, so you still have to purchase a domain name separately

Pricing Plan

· You can connect to a domain for $ 9.16 / month.

· Start$ 14.95 / month

· E-commerce: $ 26.25 / month


BigCommerce is a recently emerging E-commerce platform founded in 2009 by the USA-based Eddie Machaalani and Mitchell Harper. The first full BigCommerce release was released in 2011. Like Shopify, BigCommerce offers a platform in the SaaS format. This is online store software, integrating directly with Google Merchant Center, allowing users to promote their products on Google Shopping.


· Integration with Stripe, PayPal, Apple Pay

· Lots of marketing tools including the ability to sell products on multiple platforms such as Amazon Marketplace, Facebook, eBay, Pinterest, integration with multiple email providers

· System security

· Supports multiple currencies

· Dropshipping & warehouse integration

· Diverse Themes

· SEO optimization


· Expensive maintenance costs for individuals

· Some advertised features are only available to US users


· Standard: $ 29.95 / month

· Plus: $ 79.95 / month

· Pro: $ 249.95 / month

· Enterprise: depending on requirements


Shopify is a website builder, especially for online stores and eCommerce websites with more than half a million businesses and 1 million active users.


· All-in-one storage solution

· Integrated payment: Shopify Payment

· Inventory and product management features, statistics, marketing solutions.

· Available designs

· Shopify also offers POS in stores

· Can be integrated into WordPress


· Expensive

· Site is difficult to move

Pricing Plan

· Basic: $ 29 / month

· Shopify: $ 79 / month

· Advanced: $ 299 / month


GoDaddy is one of the world’s leading internet providers for hosting domain names. With hosting included, it provides a simple, elegant, and complete website builder.


· A quick and fast tool for designing websites that look professional. It comes preloaded with many ready-to-use blocks, which you can drag and drop to build various templates.

· A built-in photo gallery from Getty Photography

· Works on smaller monitors


· Limited features with fewer design options.

· It is complicated to migrate your website from GoDaddy to WordPress.

Pricing Plan

· Personal: $ 5.99 / month

· Business: $ 9.99 / month

· Business plus: $ 14.99 / month


With lots of excellent templates, Weebly is an easy-to-use website designer. It contains a good page creator that helps you edit your website without learning any programming skills.


· No need to install and manage any software

· Integrated support for e-commerce

· Each Weebly website has built-in features for contact forms, photo galleries, sliders, and more.


· Limited features

· Weebly charges a 3% fee for every purchase made through your eCommerce store

Pricing Plan

· Start: $ 8 / month

· Pro: 12 $ / month

· Business: 25 $ / month


Sellfy is an E-Commerce Platform software solution with functionality and costs appropriate for small and medium enterprises (SMEs) to large enterprises. Sellfy software is highly regarded by both users and experts in the E-Commerce Software field.


· Easy to use

· Easy product management and store setup

· There are various sales channels

· Full range of tools and features like Ads, marketing, embedded options, and integrated analytics


· No custom online store templates available

· Limited item web design and customization tools

· Customer Service’s response and support take a while

Pricing Plan

· Starter: $ 19 / month

· Business: $ 39 / month

· Premium: $ 89 / month


You can use 3DCart’s templates to design or create your own. A quick edit bar that can edit simple designs. Images are understood with 3DCart’s zoom features. Some of the platform’s improved features include user-installable modules that deliver gift wrapping, a purchase order system and deliver recurring orders.

Besides, 3DCart also provides some other professional customer services. You can request SEO help, manage shopping feeds, Facebook ads, social media, and more. 24/7 support is provided by phone, email, or live chat. You can test the service with a 15-day free trial.


· Many features

· Payment is fast and convenient

· Price is flexible


· Must buy designs

· Difficult for newbies

· Lack of omnichannel sales options

Pricing Plan

· Starter: $ 19 / month

· Pro: $ 229 / month


One of this website builder’s main features is its minimalism and focus on the most basic elements.


· Simple, easy to use

· 24/7 online customer service

· Responsive standard website template for Mobile and PC platforms.

· Good for small, simple websites like news websites


· The layout is simple, without many creative elements

· Editing tools have limited customization capabilities

· Lack of choice of website templates

Pricing Plan

· Premium: $ 7.8 / month


Squarespace is a famous website builder known for its outstanding design and ease of use.


· Enterprise-grade infrastructure for hosting your website, focusing on growing your business without worrying about storage.

· A ton of website designs to create

· Easy to add your content on Squarespace

· eCommerce plan that allows you to add an online store to your website


· Limited integration with third-party services

· Only allow Stripe, Apple Pay, and PayPal to process payments

Pricing Plan

Squarespace websites range from $ 12 / month to $ 18 / month. Online stores cost between $ 26 and $ 40 / month.

Best Ways to Start a Website Builder

If you ever thought about web development as a domain out of this world, impossible to reach, and reserved for the selected few, we will show you just how easy it can really be. You’ll find here all the data you need for you to feel comfortable enough as to start building websites right away.

What is a Website Builder?
This is a software tool that will help you create a new website from zero. Luckily, these tools do not require you to have knowledge of manual encoding and editing. This is what the website builder will do for you. This is a pre-existent program that does the encoding. You are not required to manage thousands of codes and code lines, to write them and modify the tiniest details, during hours and hours of hard work. These website building programs allow you to create your own web design and structure, within a certain pre-made frame. You get to choose from several options, which, though limited, will not restrain much your own creativity and vision. The website builder will provide a certain number of website templates that you can choose from, together with color schemes and other interchangeable options that pretty much cover all of your possible graphic preferences.

If you want to start building websites, keep in mind that you will find two variants of website builders that automatically involves, a different creative approach. There are the online website builders and the offline website builders.

Offline Website Builders
As the name already indicates, these are software tools that need to be downloaded and installed on the computer. The entire web building work takes place offline, on your computer. The files, both the final ones and the intermediary stages of your web development, are saved on your hardware.
The good part is that you can work offline, during the entire process. When you reach the final, desired stage, you need to get online and upload all the files.
In this situation, besides the web development, you still need to take care of several other aspects. You are required to purchase the website domain from a provider, and then to have some technical skills for the upload. Also, you are required to purchase, from the same or a different provider, the web hosting services for the website. This procedure, though not complicated, will, however, require some extra time and action.
On the other side, with the offline website builders you will get a greater creative freedom. You don’t have to use the already-made design templates. You can imagine and produce your entire graphic concept and website structure that does not follow other previous existent schemes.
Though you still need to pay for domain and web hosting services, there are certain web development programs that are free of charge, as well as other, more complex and allowing, that require you to purchase them.

Online Website Builders
Unlike the previous described category, the online building tools, will simplify even further your web development process. You deal, in this case, with online providers and tools. You only need access to a web browser, and internet connection on a continuous basis, as long as you work on the website. You don’t need anything downloaded, installed, nor necessary uploaded (though you might want to bring into the website concept some personalized graphics, images and other).
In this situation, you can work on your website from any device connected to Internet.
The simplification consists in the fact that you don’t need to search for and purchase anymore web hosting services, nor to create any graphic design on your own. You will do anything online, and when you are satisfied with the results you only have to push the “Publish” button.
There are platforms that offer free online website building services, as well as paid ones. Usually, you will see that in the case of free services, you get less access to tools and development options. Also, the domain name of your choice, will usually be accompanied by the name of your service provider.
If you want to get more complex graphic options, more website templates, as well as a clean domain name, you are required to purchase these extra services, either on a one-time base or as a subscription.

Who Can Start Using Website Builders?
The good news is that almost anybody can create websites, due to these very easy-to-use website builders. Either you are experienced or just a beginner, this process can become fast and simple. The only thing it is required here is an online connection. You don’t even need to pay a subscription. You can stick with the free web development services, as restrictive as they might be, and still get a decent website.
You don’t need to be an IT specialist, to write and rewrite codes, the software program does this for you. You don’t even need to be a graphic designer, because you have the website templates that do this instead.

How to Build a Website Step By Step
1. Domain name. First of all, before the actual building, you are required to get a web domain name. You either have purchased it from before, or you need to search for it and reserve it within the website builder platform. If the name that you wish for is already in use, you can surely find something similar or close to it. That is why you should be prepared with a few variants of desired names.
2. Registration. Now you have to choose from the web development plans that you will find within the website builder, the one that best suits you. Usually you will have a free plan, or paid-up plans, with various fees and services included. Check very well what each plan has to offer, when it comes to the specific tools you get access to, and then, register on the platform. So, by this time, you should really have a clear idea about you want your website to look for.
3. Website templates. Once you have access to your website builder plan, you can then, choose among all the various predetermined templates, the one that best complies with your requirements. Usually there are full libraries of them. Practically, the choices are so versatile that no two websites will ever look the same, even if they are created with the same identical template. Start personalizing the website template by picking from various fonts, color combinations, positioning of columns, buttons, adding or eliminating elements and widgets.
4. Your own content. Remember, although you work with fixed builder structures, you can upload your own specific and unique graphic elements, text, as well as your photos, videos, contact forms, social media links, and other, if this is what you want. This is the most creative part, and will separate your website content from everything else.
5. Publish. Once you have reached your desired website form, you can simply publish it, with just one command. And that’s it. Your website is online and active.
6. Revisions. Don’t worry if you still want to make changes after publishing. At any time you get access to change your content or to add something new, and even to change the website template you used. The process is just as simple as the first time.

These days, with all the website builders we find out there, both online, or for download, everywhere, practically anybody can create websites. With no specific skills whatsoever. So if you really have a good idea to create a personal website, or to work websites for others, just start doing this immediately. It can become a simple and even fun process.

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