Best Vpn Providers For 2022


A Virtual Private Network, or better known as a VPN, is simply a private network that can easily encrypt and transmit online data while quickly traveling from one specific location to another by way of the internet. Utilizing these Virtual Private Networks in order to connect directly to the internet, will easily give you the opportunity to search various websites very securely and privately while also gaining access to different restricted websites and overcoming censorship blocks. While VPN’s are used tremendously for laptops and desktops today, you can also quickly set up a Virtual Private Network on your general Android phone, iPad, or iPhone, as well.


When it comes to comparing prices on different VPN’s, you will also want to learn the good things and the bad things about each VPN, too. Just like many other things in this world today has, modern VPN’s also have their pro’s and con’s about them. Some VPN’s will be somewhat on the expensive side, while others will be on the cheaper side. Below, you can see several descriptions about different VPN’s along with an estimated price point for each.

1. Surfshark Vpn

While Surfshark Virtual Private Networks somewhat high price becomes balanced against that of the unlimited amount of devices you can have per account, this sharp VPN also come with a phenomenal set of modern features. For around $59.76, one can buy a two-year VPN plan from Surfshark. The company also provides a smart six-month VPN plan starting at $38.94.
So, if Surfshark is a company you may be thinking about going with when it comes to finding your next Virtual Private Network, here are some of the good things and bad things you should know about it:


1. Hardly ever seen split-tunneling and multihop tools

2. Unlimited amount of simultaneous connections

3. Great speed test scores

4. Quality-designed application


1. Have to complete broader audits of its service

2. Somewhat Expensive pricing

3. Somewhat Long Subscriptions

2. Ipvanish

If you decide to go with IPVanish as your next Virtual Private Network, this company truly provides a pretty good value with 10 simultaneous connections. Along with a powerful collection of different servers, the IPVanish VPN comes with a simple pricing system with three options. You can be billed annually of $77.99, their service costs $10.00 monthly, or you can opt in paying $26.99 every three months a year.


1. Great geographic diversity of servers

2. An unlimited amount of simultaneous connections


1. Very little additional privacy features

2. Scattered interface

3. Absolutely no publicly released audits

3. ExpressVpn

ExpressVPN is today, considered one of the quickest and most fascinating VPN’s that some have ever tested. ExpressVPN comes with an unlimited bandwidth and a good amount of data caps for unrestricted torrenting. Another cool thing about this VPN is that it also offers P2P sharing and good torrenting across basically any of its servers. The company’s subscription plans are pretty well-priced. You can choose the $12.95 per month plan, the $9.99 per month plan for six-months, or the $8.32 plan per month for 12-months.


1. Advanced security seen on servers and apps

2. Absolutely no logs policy

3. Quick speeds across just about all server locations


1. Streaming servers are not labelled

2. Somewhat more expensive than their rivals

3. Some dropped connections

4. Nordvpn

It’s great to know that NordVPN was successfully able to get well-over 59,000 ratings in the official App Store alone. With an average number of servers being over 5,300, the average number of server locations being 59, and the number of official IP addresses being somewhere around 5,000, this is one VPN company you don’t want to look over.


1. It has very trustworthy speeds

2. Great RAM-disk servers

3. Amazing feature-filled software


1. The discounts are deeper for more extended contracts

#2. Only six connections allowed at a time

3. The visual server map could have added more functions

5. StrongVpn

Strong VPN is considered a no-logs VPN provider that originated out of America. Initially established in 2005, this VPN has now been officially acquired by that of J2 Global. When it comes to pricing, you can expect to pay anywhere from $5.83 a month to $10.00 a month, depending upon which plan you go with.


1. It works well with Neflix

2. They offer helpful customer service

3. They have a No-Logs policy


1. It is somewhat slow on many servers

2. Somewhat outdated user interface

3. Somewhat pricy for the services offered

6. Purevpn

With PureVPN, this is a company solely based out of Hong Kong and offers well-over 6,500 servers in over 180 countries. Even though PureVPN is one of those older VPN’s around as it was founded in 2006, it still has some really great features about it. The pricing of PureVPN comes in being somewhere around $10.95 per month.


1. There is a No Data log rule

2. It has lots of cool features

3. Great speeds on Windows and Mac


1. There have been some mixed customer reviews

2. They only allow five simultaneous connections at once

7. Hotspot Shield VPN

With many cool features offered, Hotspot Shield is a Virtual Private Network that is sure to please many who try it. For those of you who are iPhone users, Fast VPN allows you to privately search the web while securing your connections. The pricing is not that bad too, for only $10.00 a month.


1. Great features

2. Good for iPhone users


1 Offers limited split-tunneling to customers

8. Norton Secure Vpn

A trusted name for many years now, Norton Secure VPN provides customers with great VPN protection with very affordable pricing. $39.99 will get you a good year’s worth of this strong VPN. Norton Secure VPN also comes with a powerful security pedigree too.


1. Very connected to the Norton ecosystem

2. Ad-tracker blocking

3. Very flexible pricing offered


1. It does not allow BitTorrent

2. It lacks more features that should be there

3. Provides very few server locations

9. FastestVpn

Fastest VPN originated out of the Cayman Islands and brings their customers a committed team of specialists who are dedicated in bringing nothing less than the best mix of secure and fast Network connections. The pricing is pretty good too.


1. Fast speeds

2. Free ad-blocker

3. Easy setup


1. Little server Network provided

2. It takes quite a while to actually connect to VPN servers.

A VPN in simple terms connects your PC, smartphone, or any other digital device to a server somewhere on the internet, allowing you to browse the web through this server’s connection.

So for example, if this server you were connected to was in a different country when you are browsing on the internet it will appear as if YOU are from this country too.

Which is great news beyond being able to protect yourself whilst you’re online protecting

It will allow you to access certain sites that you may not have had available to you before.

What are the other benefits of using a VPN?:

Bypass geographic restrictions on certain sites
Protect yourself and your identity whilst using wi-fi hotspot (cafe, airports, etc.)
Peace of mind knowing you are anonymous online
Can’t be logged when using torrent sites

As you can see, there are many benefits to using a VPN outside of protecting your identity.

And these days, benefits like being able to access certain sites or being anonymous whilst using torrent sites is one of the main selling points when it comes to VPNs; not the level of security you will have.

The best VPNs available to you
In an ideal world, you would create your own VPN server which you could connect to whenever you wanted to help cover your own identity.

But this also comes with its own downsides as well as just being a pain in the backside to set up.

So what are your other options?

Well, you could use one of the many services that provide access to VPNs to everyday users, like you and I, for a very manageable fee.

Most of them are not a PC exclusive either, once you have purchased one (or got one on a free VPN trial) you’ll be more than happy to know you can just go to your phone app store or your second computer’s Google store and download the VPN app on these devices too.

Meaning that you’re connected to every device you use in your life.

As we said, each VPN comes with its benefits, so there is no one singular â€best VPN’.

With that being said, here are some of the ones that are spoken highly about all over the web to get you started:

Hotspot shield
Nord VPN
Express VPN

Which one should you choose?

So now that you know what a VPN can do for you, and a few of the VPNs that are available to you, you now need to know which one is going to be best for you?

Well, we can’t answer that here, as users of the internet are all different, and we all might need a VPN for different unique things.

But what we can do is get you to answer some questions, so that you know WHY exactly you need a VPN and this way you can find one that aligns with your needs..

Things to think about:

What do you get up to whilst browsing the web?
Are there any sites you can’t access due to where you live?
Do you use random hot-spots often?
Do you want to stop your ISP snooping on you and your browser history?
Do you want to download certain off-limit files?

Depending on what you answered, there will be a VPN service out there that will fit your particular needs.

Perhaps the popular ones we suggested previously are going to be best equipped at doing that.

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